Hi. We’re Common People United and it’s our birthday.

Well, it’s close to our birthday, anyway. Companies handle birthdays a little differently than people do (we celebrated with the world’s most intense IKEA trip), but being close to our first anniversary is a good enough reason to take stock of where we’ve come in the last year.

In the process of doing that, we realized something pretty important—you probably don’t know us. Sure, if you found this post you’re aware that we exist. You might even know that we do digital marketing for a number of clients around Indiana and the country. But… that’s not us.

The thing that makes us CPU has surprisingly little to do with the work that we do for clients. We are who we are because some of us ride bikes really fast, or have really specific opinions about coffee, or grew up listening to Jimmy Buffett, or take great cat photos, or get super angry whenever someone comes to the door (that last one is our office dog, Oscar). We were all those things before we placed our first Facebook ad, and we’ll still carry those things with us through the next big social media platform, as well.

We spent our first year as CPU figuring out how this was all going to work, where we were going to talk to our clients, and who was in charge of refilling the stapler. We've got all of that mostly under control at this point. We love our clients, (and we’d love if you want to talk more about becoming one) but we never want to lose those things that make us, us.

So, that’s year two. Starting right now. Expect more content (more weird content) and an overall better picture of everything that makes us tick. We’ve held off on putting out a lot of content over the last year because it felt too “sales-y.” If you want the hard sales pitch, let us know.

Until you tell us otherwise, though, we’re gonna make stuff we like and stuff we hope you’ll like too.

Here’s to year two, and many more...