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The Situation

In this post-Atkins, gluten-fearing world, bread has sometimes gotten a bad rap.

So, Fort Wayne's favorite bread company, Aunt Millie's, asked Common People United and nutritionist Lela Iliopoulos to set the record straight about gluten, whole grains, and the positive side of this staple of the American diet.


Although initially launched as an Aunt Millie’s initiative, this year we launched a new Breadsense website with the goal of reaching more consumers as well as inviting contributions and participation from other brands and bakeries. Through the use of blog and video content, recipes, social media posts, infographics, and more, Breadsense provides sensible information about eating and enjoying bread. 

For this campaign, we created a gorgeous, fully-responsive website to house all of the bread-related goodness we plan to roll out throughout the year. 

We also created new social media channels, and we’ll be working with Aunt Millie’s and our wonderful team of Breadsense nutritionists, bloggers, and designers to keep the bread love going throughout 2016 and beyond. 

Launching the campaign

To promote awareness of the campaign, Common People United used a combination of traditional PR, online display ads, social ads, and email marketing. 

While the campaign is still in its infancy, the response from consumers and industry stakeholders has surpassed our and, more importantly, our client’s expectations.

We love having the opportunity to work with a client who is taking such a forward-thinking, industry-leading approach to their marketing, and we can’t wait to see where this partnership takes us next!

In the client's words

“Aunt Millie’s could not be happier with Common People United and our Breadsense campaign. The launch went smoothly and the campaign immediately began surpassing our goals. Common People United has an excellent grasp of what we want, and adds a level of insight we could not find anywhere else. They have exceeded our expectations on every level, and we look forward to a continued successful partnership.”
Melissa Dunning
Senior Director of Marketing
Aunt Millie's, Fort Wayne, IN