So, what's this all about? 

Cats, Falling Cats, Survivorship Bias, Failure, Success, Happiness, What does it mean to be successful?


In the late eighties, some scientists looked at the survival rates and injuries of cats brought into a New York animal hospital after falling from various heights, and they noticed something odd. The higher the fall, the more likely the cat was to survive and with less severe injuries. Based on this, they concluded that when cats fall from around six or seven stories or higher, they hit a terminal velocity. They have time to relax and spread out like a flying squirrel and, in effect, paratroop to safety. The thing is... they only looked at the survivors. What about the cats that never made it into the vet?

Falling Cats is an exploration into the metaphorical dead cats we fail to account for in our everyday lives. It's a look at failed brands, products, organizations, ideas, jobs, and relationships, and the general role of failure as we strive for success and happiness.  



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