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The Situation

Dr. Gauthier came to Common People United looking for a brand and website refresh.

Generally, a brand refresh comes up after the business has been established for several years and the branding has become outdated. 

In this case, the business is still pretty new, but Dr. Gauthier was unhappy with the work she’d received from her previous marketing service, so she reached out to us for some help.

Enter Common People United.

We took a look at the assets she already had in place and asked a lot of questions about what she liked and what she didn’t like. We wanted to know where the previous attempt had gone wrong, so that we could avoid making similar mistakes, but we also didn’t want to throw out anything that was working for her.


The Logo

Dr. Gauthier liked the colors and the concept of the logo she had

However, she knew it wasn’t exactly what she’d envisioned. After a couple of ideas were bounced around, we landed on this version – a fresh and clean, updated version of her original logo with a nod to the beachy, relaxed feeling that is the core of her brand.


The Website


Website | Before

Website | Before

While Dr. Gauthier wanted a very colorful site, she felt her current site was too busy and difficult to navigate, and there were a number of errors and bugs.

After reviewing the content and noting her priorities, we came up with a nice, clean modern design that incorporates the colors of her new logo. The new design highlights the appropriate information, and makes it easy for a user to find information about their services or schedule an appointment.

You can check out her new site at posturefor.life

We’re pretty proud of the outcome of this project and even more proud that Posture for Life Spine and Sport now considers us a trusted partner. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be adding additional features and content to the site, and we’ll be helping with their social media and digital marketing strategy. 

Website | After

Website | After

In the client's words

“I have had THE BEST experience with my website, logo design, and general digital marketing, and I cannot recommend Common People United enough! Unlike my previous website service, they are located within the United States (in Fort Wayne, Indiana), which means they can and do get back to you in a timely manner. They go above and beyond to keep you looped in your project and have awesome ideas!”
— Dr. Nicole Gauthier
Posture for Life Spine and Sport
Laguna, CA