“May we do work that matters. Vale la pena.”

- Gloria E. Anzaldua


What is "work that matters"?

Our tagline is “work that matters.”  It‘s a phrase borrowed from the wise and wonderful Gloria Anzaldua. In her book Light in the Dark/Luz en Lo Oscuro, she says “May we do work that matters. Vale la pena, it‘s worth the pain.”

Her words were written in February of 2002, in response to the devastation of 9/11. She is calling out to a grieving nation to be resilient “like the moon” and rise above. As she says, “it is is precisely during these in-between times that we must create the dream (el sueno)” and “allow spirit to sustain and guide us.”

While the “work” she is talking about is political in nature, we think it can be applied to work more generally. Yes, we absolutely need big thinkers, big personalities, and big movements to see positive change on a national or global scale. We also need  small groups of people doing work that matters on a day-to-day basis, and we try to surround ourselves with people who feel the same way.

We are so fortunate to work with clients who positively improve lives on local, regional, and national scales. And, one thing all our clients have in common, regardless of their product or service, is a commitment to making a positive impact that goes beyond the bottom line.

As adults, we spend about 2000 hours per year at work. Why not make that time matter? Whether you‘re a teacher, a marketer, a custodian, a CEO, a doctor, a lawyer or an artist, you can work for the paycheck or you can work to make a difference in your organization, your community, or your world — and these small differences can add up.

So, for us, “work that matters” is less about what you do, and more about how you do it. And, it‘s more than just a tagline. It’s how we see our work, and how we see the world.

And Anzaldua was right. It’s so worth it.


If this makes sense to you, and you could use assistance in the digital realm, please get in touch! We’d love to use our knowledge to do work that matters for you.